Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring for my lab test?

Please bring the Ampath test request form that your doctor has completed as well as your medical aid card.

For certain tests such as insurance screening and paternity tests, photographic identification (such as drivers licence or SA identity card) will be required to confirm the identity of the patient at the time of collection.

Can I request my own lab tests?

Generally speaking a patient can not order testing directly from an Ampath depot (collection centre). The laboratory performs tests requested by a medical practitioner after a clinical consultation. If you feel that a specific test or panel of tests may be needed, please discuss this with your doctor who can then request us to perform these tests if clinically indicated.

Do I need to fast before my test?

For most laboratory analyses you do not need to fast. However, for specific tests such as cholesterol, lipids and fasting glucose you will need to fast overnight for approximately 8-12 hours. You may drink water during this time and take any prescription medication unless advised otherwise by your doctor. Your doctor will notify you if you need to fast for any of the required tests.

Do I need to make an appointment for my lab tests?

Most routine laboratory tests do not need an appointment. Specific specialised tests may not be available at a particular Ampath depot (collection centre), such as a skin prick allergy test. In this case, an appointment should be scheduled. Your doctor will advise you if the test(s) requested are specialised and whether it's required of you to make an appointment.

Where is my closest Ampath collection centre?

Your closest Ampath depot (collection centre) can be found by clicking the following link:

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I am nervous about having my blood collected?

At Ampath, our nursing staff are highly professional and trained to collect your blood specimen without causing you excessive discomfort. Nursing staff are sensitive and attentive to the needs of apprehensive patients. If you have had a previous bad experience with blood collection such as feeling light-headed or faint, please make the nursing staff aware of this and ask to be allowed to lie down for the procedure.

For further information and advice on how to manage the collection process for children we recommend that you read the information provided in the following useful website:

When will my Doctor receive the lab results?

It all depends on the test requested by your doctor. In general, most pathology test results are sent to your doctor within a few hours of collection. Certain analyses may take longer such as specialised pathology tests or microbiology tests where the laboratory needs to wait for microorganisms to grow. If you require more information regarding the turnaround time of a particular test, then please ask your doctor or the Ampath nursing staff at the depot.

Can I get a copy of my lab report?

Yes, you can obtain a copy of most test results and can request these via the Ampath website after a registration process. Your lab results are made available to you 48 hours after the laboratory has completed the tests. This allows your doctor sufficient time to evaluate the outcome and to discuss it with you.

Certain test results which require a doctor's interpretation and consultation will not be displayed. We will advise you of such findings, if applicable.

To register and receive your lab results please click on:

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Am I going to have to pay for the lab tests?

If you belong to a medical aid, your account will be sent to them for payment. Your medical aid may not always pay for a particular test or may require co-payment for specific tests. The balance of any unpaid account will be sent to you if the account is not paid in full by the medical aid. If you are an outpatient and your plan does not provide for pathology tests or if your savings account is depleted then you will need to pay for the tests yourself. Kindly ensure that you are familiar with your specific medical aid and plan’s pathology benefits.